Driver CPC Material

Driver CPC Course Material

driver-cpc-course-material-buy-nowNow that most Approved Centres are starting to deliver their second round of Driver CPC training it is vital the material they use is fresh and upbeat. Drivers will not accept boring, over wordy presentations. Pride offer quality training material at realistic prices. Our ten standard three and half hour modules start at £300 plus VAT. We can produce bespoke material, with for example your safe systems of work illustrated in video format. Please call for a quote.

The material is supplied with your logo and a free two-hour trainer briefing from our Training Team. We even complete your JAUPT Course Application form for you. The PowerPoint presentations require PowerPoint 2013 or above. They are also in a suitable format to run on your iPad, using the Free Office app.

We must stress that the material has been designed for experienced trainers with a sound knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. If you are a new trainer we recommend you undertake our Train the Trainer course. Successful delegates receive four 3.5 hour modules free of charge.


Our material incorporates embedded short professional video clips to illustrate the point and to promote discussion. Media interactive group quizzes, which uses competition and risk to stimulate learning and knowledge retention. Media lead activities to confirm understanding.Every module has a road map so delegates can see where they are, as the trainer works through the material. The trainer can also click on the map to jump ahead to a section.

Even when there is no option but to use quite a number of words on a slide we use graphics and movement to maintain interest.

The team interactive quiz has been a huge success, introducing risk and competition to stimulate learning and involvement.

When you purchase material from us, we give you a free – Who wants to be a Millionaire – quiz file. The file contains 30 quizzes covering the Driver CPC syllabus. A very useful plan B, just in case you need to fill time to meet the seven-hour requirement.