JAUPT Audit 30/04/16

JAUPT Audit 30/04/16

Executive Summary

The course audit took place on 30/04/2016 at Sunwin Services Group, Broxburn. During the observations, the trainer displayed very good subject knowledge with a confident and relaxed approach to his delivery. The course was interactive and all drivers were engaged throughout the audit.

Auditor Summary

The audit was conducted during the morning session of a public course in the training room at the Sunwin Services Group, Broxburn. The course observed was: CRS9273/05, Pride Modular Course 2016 and the module observed was Loading, Manual Handling and Fire Safety. The course started at 8:00 as planned. The course had five LGV drivers. ID and Licence checks were seen to completed before the start of the training. A review of the documentation used for course registration confirmed that it contained all of the information included in the exemplar issued by DVSA. Registration was completed before the start of the training. The training was carried out in the manager's office, which had enough space for the training and the room was free from distractions or disruptions. The room was bright and airy and was at a comfortable temperature. The room was laid out in a U shape facing the screen and had enough comfortable chairs and table space. The drivers had access to the rest room and kitchen in the centre. Hot, cold drinks and lunch was provided for the drivers. The training material and equipment had all been prepared and tested before the scheduled start time of 8:00. The training aids used were: PowerPoint, video clips, hand-outs and workbooks. The PowerPoint was displayed on a wall which was clear and easy to see from all parts of the room. The audio was clear. The trainer used PowerPoint and verbal explanation to provide information on fire alarm, exits, assembly point, toilets, mobile phones, content and breaks, course aims and objectives, a fair processing notice of trainee data and rules of behaviour. The trainer used an ice breaker and questions to discover the drivers experience and knowledge of the course content. The trainer had a good knowledge of the subject. The trainer had a relaxed style of delivery and was able to get his point across to the drivers. The trainer developed a good rapport with the drivers. Good questioning techniques were used during the course with and on-going, on-screen quiz during the presentation with a quiz at the end of. The drivers were attentive and interested throughout the audit. Discussions between the drivers and trainer were initiated and kept on the subject. A pro forma Course Evaluation sheet was seen to be available for completion by trainee and a certificate of attendance was to be sent to the drivers when the upload to the R&E database is made


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