JAUPT Course Audit 26/09/2016

JAUPT Course Audit 26/09/2016

Executive Summary

The course audit took place on 26/09/2016. The course observed was CRS10522/05, Pride Modular Course 2017, the module observed was Legal Requirements. During my observations the trainer displayed very good subject knowledge with a confident, relaxed approach to his delivery. This was a well presented course.

Auditor Summary

I arrived at DFDS for the afternoon session of the training. The trainer confirmed that the course had started at 8:30. The time was entered on the attendance document. Although not witnessed, the trainer confirmed that Licence/ID checks had been carried and that he had checked the identity of each driver before the scheduled start time of the course. Two of the names on the Attendance/Registration form were chosen at random for audit purposes and a review of each trainee's ID documents provided sufficient evidence to conclude that the checks had been satisfactorily completed. Eight names were entered on the Attendance/Registration form, which matched the number of trainees in attendance for Driver CPC purposes. It was also confirmed that the registration documentation had been completed before the start time of 8:30. A review of the document used for course registration document confirmed that it contained all of the information set out in the DVSA example Attendance and Registration Record. The attendance form and licence/ID check had been completed correctly for the stage of the course.

The training was delivered in the meeting room at DFDS, Larkhall. Good welfare facilities were available and the room was free from distractions or disruptions. The room was laid out class room style with the trainer at the front of the group. The power point presentation was displayed on a large monitor which ensured that the trainer and training aids were visible to the trainees.

The trainer displayed very good subject knowledge with a fluent, relaxed approach to his delivery. The trainer was able to draw on his own experience to clarify and illustrate key points. The trainer used questions and an on-going quiz to encourage participation and confirm knowledge transfer during the session. Questions from the group were encouraged and the trainer answered all questions. Although not witnessed, discussions with the trainer and a review of PowerPoint slides provided sufficient evidence to conclude that an appropriate course introductions had been properly delivered.

The trainer confirmed that all equipment, paperwork and training aids were prepared before the start time of 8:30. The training aids observed included Power point, handouts, video clips and quizzes. A pro forma Course Evaluation sheet was completed by all trainees and a certificate of attendance was to be given to the drivers when the upload to the R&E Database is made. The trainer followed the approved course layout in terms of content and the course finished at the correct time based on a start time of 8:30 and one hour of breaks.26/


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