JAUPT May Newsletter

JAUPT May Newsletter

The JAUPT Newsletters are useful, and clearly a step in the right direction to improve standards within the Driver CPC, Driver Training Industry. However, some may say that JAUPT service standards have only improved, because the management of Driver CPC Centre and Course Approvals will be subject to a tendering process towards the end of the year, with a contract issued in late spring 2017. Whatever the reason, communication, and a clear understanding of procedures and standards required is vital, and JAUPT's efforts to improve is most appreciated.

There are some very important changes that the May JAUPT Newsletter didn't mention. Following pressure from Pride, JAUPT and DVSA/DVA Registration Form requirements are no longer at variance with each other, and the requirement to include the drivers employer's name on the Registration Form has been removed. The Registration Form should include the following as a minimum:-

Centre Name:
Centre Number AC:
Date of Course:
Course Number and Name
Driver Name and Driving Licence Number
Driver’s Signature
Actual Start Time
Actual Finish Time
Total Length of Breaks
Declaration: I have conducted the required licence and identity checks and delivered this course as approved. Trainer’s signature and printed name.

There is a new example on the Gov.Website, though you may want to adapt ours, which has more space and other Best Practice sections.

For a number of years auditors have criticised trainers for drifting from the course timings to meet the needs of the driver. Thankfully DVSA have now issued guidance that allows trainers to train more effectively.

Delegates need more help

"You should check the knowledge of delegates at the start of the course to work out which sections you might need to spend more time on. This could mean you reduce the time spent on other sections."

Centres should make sure that when gaining course approval this option is clearly highlighted. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Pride Team (0115 972 5923).

There are times when even the best trainer runs ahead of schedule. DVSA appreciates this and have given sensible advice to cover this eventuality.

Running ahead of schedule

"You can use standby material, if you think your periodic training course might finish early .
This can be more in-depth but must be relevant to the approved course content."

All Pride approved modules have an interactive road map, and additional sections so that you can adapt the course to meet the drivers needs. Also with each module we supply, we give away a free Plan B quiz, ensuring that trainers are always able to meet the legal time requiement.

Two further administration points

Driver CPC certificates should now have www.gov.uk/checkdrivercpc printed on them.

Course documentation must now be kept for seven years.