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Others Customers

Modular CourseUpdated 21/11/2019
Julie Bosworth Training
Modular CourseUpdated 09/10/2019
Modular CourseUpdated 05/09/2019 Quiz FolderUpdated 03/09/2018
Integrated Solutions
Modular CourseUpdated 19/07/2019
Victoria Training Services
Modular CourseUpdated 04/03/2019
West Lothian Council
Vulnerable and Vehicle LegalUpdated 04/02/2019
Alcaline Modular CourseUpdated 08/01/2019 Quiz FolderUpdated 30/08/2018
N-Gaged Training & Recruitment
Modular CourseUpdated 12/06/2019 Quiz FolderUpdated 30/08/2018 Course TimingsUpdated 12/06/2019
MJM Training Centre
Vulnerable Road Users and Eco & Safe Driving CourseUpdated 22/11/2018
Expert Driver Training Academy
Modular CourseUpdated 30/08/2018 Modular Course TimingsUpdated 30/08/2018 Quiz FolderUpdated 30/08/2018
Harpur's Coaches
Modular CourseUpdated 07/08/2018 Modular Course TimingsUpdated 07/08/2018 Quiz FolderUpdated 07/08/2018 Modular Course BUpdated 28/08/2018 Modular Course C TimingsUpdated 28/08/2018  

Modular Course B TimingsUpdated 28/08/2018  

RE Consultancy & Training Ltd
Modular CourseUpdated 30/08/2018 Modular Course TimingsUpdated 07/08/2018 Quiz FolderUpdated 07/08/2018


United Driver Education Centre Ltd
Ten Modular CourseUpdated 03/0/2018 Quiz FolderUpdated 18/04/2018/2018
McCormack Transport Training
Drivers' HoursUpdated 19/06/2018 Eco & Safe DrivingUpdated 19/06/2018 Quiz FolderUpdated 18/04/2018 Taxi FolderUpdated 17/03/2019
Skills Training Centre
Driver EssentialsUpdated 18/04/2018 Highway CodeUpdated 18/04/2018 Quiz FolderUpdated 18/04/2018
Ochil Training
Modular Course FolderUpdated 04/12/2018 Quiz FolderUpdated 30/08/2018 First AidUpdated 30/08/2018
J.V.T. Training
Driver's Hour FolderUpdated 08/04/2018/2018
Driver's Hour FolderUpdated 19/03/2018
The Logistics Group
Driver and Vehicle Legal RequirementsUpdated 06/08/2018 Driver's Hours and Vulnerable Road UsersUpdated 06/08/2018 Quizzes and HandoutsUpdated 06/08/2018 Course TimingsUpdated 06/08/2018

Please print off the timings and always have them with you when delivering the course.


MAS Training
Modular CourseUpdated 28/01/2018


Module A updated 28/01/2018, please download new version.


PowerPoint Version of Online Quizzes 2018UPDATED 16/08/2017 (LGV & PCV) PowerPoint Quiz Answer Cards 2018UPDATED 17/08/2017 (LGV & PCV)


Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quizzes (LGV & PCV) CPCQ Guidance Notes (LGV & PCV) Modular Course Timings Please Print Off 2018 

Bradford Swissport
Module Course OneUpdated 20/09/2018 Module Course TwoUpdated 20/09/2018 TimingsUpdated 20/09/2018 Driver CPC Quiz FolderUpdated 20/09/2018


Modular Course FolderVersion 10 (LGV, PCV)


Recruitment Solutions
Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 7.1(LGV, PCV) Loading and Safety Pt1 Version 7.1(LGV) Loading and Safety Pt2 Version 8(LGV) PowerPoint Quiz NEW


Course Timings NEW Online Quiz Guidance NEW


LCD Academy (Northern Ireland)
Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 5.6.1 (LGV, PCV) Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 5.6.1 (Taxi) Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 5.6.1 (Generic)


Working with OthersVersion 5.5 (LGV) Working with OthersVersion 5.6 (PCV) Working with OthersVersion 5.6 (Taxi) Working with OthersVersion 5.6 (Generic) Timing SheetPlease download


Eco and Safe DriverVersion 5.1.2 (LGV & PCV) WellbeingVersion 5.2.2 (LGV & PCV) First Aid(LGV & PCV & Taxi)


Disability EqualityVersion 2.1 (Taxi) Professional Taxi DriverUPDATED 03/03/2017 Drivers' HoursUPDATED 01/10/2017 Highway CodeUP TO DATE
Straightway Driving School
Modular Course2018 Version
VRS Coventry
Working with OthersVersion 5.6 (PCV) Driver's HoursVersion 5.6 (LGV & PCV)
Frank Bird
Driver EssentialsNEW 04/11/2016 (LGV) Driver Essentials TimingsIMPORTANT
Procters Coaches
Duty of CareNEW 04/11/2016 (PCV)
Edenmore Training Service (Northern Ireland)
Modular Course2018 Version)
Dawson Training Services
Loading and SafetyVersion 5.2.1 (LGV Only) Loading and SafetyWhoWantstobeaMillionare


Grays Training Services (Northern Ireland)
Disability EqualityNEW Version 2.2 (Taxi Only) Professional Taxi DriverUpdated 03/03/2017 (Taxi Only) Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 5.2 (Taxi Only)


Modular Course 2019-20Updated 13th August 2019 Quizzes and handoutsUpdated 7th August 2018


Please print off the timing sheets and have with you at every course.


Operator Licence Awareness Course (LGV)Version 1
Action Training
Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 6.1 Timing SheetPlease download
Port of Tyne
Drivers' HoursVersion 6.1 Millionaire QuizFree Module TimingsDownload Course ExerciseDownload Eco and Safe DrivingVersion 7
Yeoman Travel
Modular Course 2019Version 9
The CPC Centre
Loading & SafetyVersion 1801 Vehicle FamiliarisationVersion 1801 Timing SheetImportant Defensive DrivingVersion 5.3
All CoursesUpdated 23/09/19


Trailer Training UK
Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 6.1
Rochdale Driver Training
Modular Course 20182018 Version
D & G Bus
Eco Driving & Load SafetyVersion 9 Driver WellbeingVersion 6 Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 6 Working with OthersVersion 6 Defensive DrivingReview Version
Drivers' HoursVersion 6.4 Eco and Safe DrivingVersion 7 Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 7.1 Working with Others PCVVersion 7


Working with Others LGVVersion 7 Timings SheetsImportant
PC Coaches of Lincoln
Driver's Update Part AUPDATED 09/08/2017(PCV) Driver's Update Part BUPDATED 01/06/2018(PCV)
Carmichael Training
Module A Driver's HoursVersion 7.1 Module B Vulnerable Road UsersVersion 7.1 Module C Vehicle Legal RequirementsVersion 7


Module D Eco & Safe DrivingVersion 7 Module E loading and SafetyVersion 5.2.2 Module F Driver Legal RequirementsVersion 5.2


Module G Vehicle FamiliarisationVersion 5.1 Module H Driver WellbeingVersion 7 Module I Wellbeing (LGV, PCV & Taxi)Version 5.2.1


Module J Working with Others (LGV)Version 5.1.1 Module J Working with Others (PCV)Version 5.1.1
InCab Training
Professional Taxi DriverVersion 6.2 Disability EqualityVersion 2.2
Bromsgrove District Council
Drivers' HoursVersion 7.2 Vehicle Legal RequirementsVersion 7.1 Eco and Safe DrivingVersion 7.1 Driver WellbeingVersion 7.1
The Association of Trainers
Driver Legal RequirementsVersion 8 Driver Essentials Version 8 PowerPoint Quizzes Version 7.1 Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quizzes Version 7.1
Midland Fleet Management
Modular course 20192019 Version
fremantle Training and Transport Ltd
Module A Driver's HoursVersion 8