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Modular Course 2019UPDATED 14/12/2018


Please download - All modules have had a face lift, some have additional content - The timings stay the same.

The password has changed please contact Stan Smith


You need a reasonable fast internet to download, PowerPoint 2016, preferably 365 and a PC with 8GB of ram to ensure videos run smoothly.

The material is for XPO trainers only and MUST not be shared with others.


PowerPoint Version of Online Quizzes 2018UPDATED 16/08/2017 (LGV & PCV) PowerPoint Quiz Answer Cards 2018UPDATED 17/08/2017 (LGV & PCV)


Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quizzes (LGV & PCV) CPCQ Guidance Notes (LGV & PCV) Modular Course Timings Please Print Off 2019

Driver CPC Paperwork - Feedback Forms

Coop Induction Day One Version 3 Coop Induction Day Two Version 3 XPO Licence Acquisiton Modular Version 3 XPO Modular Version 3


XPO SAFED Version 3 XPO SAFED Modular Version 3

Driver CPC Paperwork - Registers

Daily Register - Modular Version 3 Daily Register - Standard Version 3 Daily Register - Modular Foreign Licence Version 3


Daily Register - Standard Foreign Licence Version 3 Fair Process Notice 2018 New Version

Driver CPC Paperwork - Attendance and Signature

Driver Attendance & Signature Sheet Version 4

Useful documents

Stoneridge HandoutVersion 1   Useful document fileVersion 2

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Drivers' Hours Version 1 Vulnerable Road Users Version 1 Eco and Safe Driving Version 1 LoadingVersion 1 Vehicle LegalVersion 1


WellbeingVersion 1

Driver Assessment Theory Tests and Assessor's Handbook

Driver Theory Assessments 65% pass-rateUpdated 21/03/2018

Driver Theory Assessment updated 21/03/2018, please download new version.

Driver Assessor's HandbookUpdated 16/01/2018

Driver Assessor Tests

All Five TestsUpdated 20/01/2018


Driver Assessor Course Material

New Driver Assessors' Course and RoadshowUpdated 20/01/2018

Operator Licence Awareness Course Material

OLAT MaterialVersion 4 Slide PDF NotesVersion 4